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Government Relations Legislative Update

Government Relations Legislative Update

Updates on state and federal issues relating to the UW System.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

State Budget Bill Signed

Governor signs 2011-13 state budget

Sunday afternoon, Governor Walker signed the 2011-13 state budget into law at a bill signing ceremony in Green Bay.  The Governor issued 50 partial vetoes to the two-year $66.1-billion budget plan.  See Governor Walker's entire veto message here

Vetoes #17-21 are related to the UW System, and are found on pages 29-32 of the veto message.  The items partially vetoed include:
  • Approval for University of Wisconsin-Madison Employment Plans
  • Annual Reporting of Contractual Service Procurements
  • Joint Committee on Finance Authority to Postpone Telecommunications Services Prohibition
  • Review of Position Titles and Classifications
  • Technical Correction to "Academic Faculty"
A post-UW System budget summary will be available soon and posted on this blog.