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Government Relations Legislative Update

Government Relations Legislative Update

Updates on state and federal issues relating to the UW System.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Legislature Elects Leadership for 2013-14 Legislative Session

Republicans have reclaimed a majority in the State Senate while Republicans maintained their control in the Assembly. Both parties have now met and elected their caucus leaders for the upcoming session, which commences in January. Leadership election results are as follows:
Senate Leadership
Majority Leader: Senator Scott Fitzgerald
President: Senator Mike Ellis
President Pro Tempore: Senator Joe Leibham
Assistant Majority Leader: Senator Glenn Grothman 
Republican Caucus Chair: Senator Frank Lasee
Republican Vice Caucus Chair: Senator Sheila Harsdorf

Minority Leader: Senator Chris Larsen
Assistant Minority Leader: Senator Dave Hansen
Democratic Caucus Chair: Senator Julie Lassa

Assembly Leadership
Speaker: Rep. Robin Vos
Majority Leader: Rep. Scott Suder
Speaker Pro Tempore: Rep. Bill Kramer
Assistant Majority Leader:  Rep. Jim Steinke
Republican Caucus Chair: Rep Joan Ballweg

Minority Leader: Rep. Peter Barca
Assistant Minority Leader: Rep. Sandy Pasch
Democratic Caucus Chair: Rep. Andy Jorgensen
Election Results Pending in Three Districts
Election results in three legislative races were too close to declare an official winner.  As per state law, municipal and county election officials are required to canvass election results before submitting them to state elections officials to certify.  The canvassing of unofficial election results in these three close races is
currently underway:

Assembly District: Incumbent Rep. Amy Sue Vrwink (D-Milladore) leads Nancy VanderMeer (R-Tomah) by 168 votes
72nd  Assembly District: Incumbent Rep. Scott Krug  (R-WI Rapids) leads Justin Pluess (D-WI Rapids) by 114 votes
18th Senate District:
Rick Gudex (R-Fond Du Lac) leads Incumbent Senator Jessica King (D-Oshkosh) by just under 600 votes