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Government Relations Legislative Update

Government Relations Legislative Update

Updates on state and federal issues relating to the UW System.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

State Legislative Activities

State Building Commission Approves University Projects
Yesterday, the Building Commission approved several UW campus projects. Design reports for both the UW-Madison School of Nursing and UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences were approved.  The Commission also approved the release of planning funds for both UW-Oskosh's Clow Hall Renovation and UW-Stout's Harvey Hall Renovation (Phase II) projects.

Both Houses Meeting Today
The Senate and Assembly are both meeting in floor session today.  See Assembly Calendar here.  The Senate floor calendar can be found here.

Senate Higher Education Committee to Meet Next Week on Differential Tuition Proposal
The Senate Agriculture, Forestry, and Higher Education Committee has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, October 26. Among the bills to be heard is SB 178 relating to differential tuition at certain institutions and colleges of the University of Wisconsin System.  See copy of the hearing notice here.