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Government Relations Legislative Update

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Friday, July 9, 2010

State Elections Update – Candidates Finalized Soon

Candidates must file certain forms with the state Government Accountability Board (GAB) by 5pm this next Tuesday July 13 to have their name eligible for elective ballot. 


As part of those requirements, candidates must collect minimums of 2,000 signatures, or "nominations for office" for Statewide Constitutional Offices; 400 for State Senate; and 200 for Assembly.  Those signatures must be validated by the GAB, and are often contested by an opponent or opposing party.  In rare cases, candidates are determined not to have met the minimum signatures, and are not allowed to "run."   


This year there will be vacancies in the Governor and Lieutenant Governor Offices.  All 99 members of the Assembly are up for election, while the odd-numbered districts within the 33 senate districts are up for election.  Additionally, there is a larger than usual list of legislators not seeking re-election this year.  The following is the most current list:



Phil Montgomery (R-4)

Thomas Nelson (D-5) Running for Lt. Governor

Pedro Colon (D-8)

Annette Polly Williams (D-10)

Leah Vukmir (R-14) Running for the 5th Senate District

Kitty Rhoades (R-30)

Thomas Lothian (R-32)

Scott Newcomer (R-33)

Donald Friske (R-35)

Chuck Benedict (D-45)

Steve Hilgenberg (D-51)

John Townsend (R-52)

Roger Roth (R-56) Running for the 8th Congressional District

Jeff Wood (I-67)

Gary Sherman (D-74) Appointed to Appeals Court

Mary Hubler (D-75)

Spencer Black (D-77)

Brett Davis (R-80) Running for Lt. Governor

Mark Gundrum (R-84) Elected Waukesha Country Circuit Judge

Rich Zipperer (R-98) Running for 33rd Senate District



Alan Lasee (R-1)

Judy Robson (D-15)

Ted Kanavas (R-33)


The UW System will post the completed candidate list when it becomes available.